Keeping Your Car Paint Pristine

Galen’s Autobody proudly uses Spies Hecker products to create our signature paint jobs. Whether you want to make your vehicle look new again or want to make your vehicle an individual, our friends at Spies Hecker have your back and are committed to creating the best automotive paint products.


At Galen’s, all of our design specialists have extensive experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our team knows exactly how to keep your Spies Hecker paint job looking like it just rolled right out of our shop. Here are our tips for keeping your car paint pristine and we have identified the most common enemies of car paint damage.


Get to know the enemies of car paint with our helpful guide!


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Frequently Asked Questions – Making Your Car Paint Last


  • What are the best car colors for longevity?
    • A vehicle’s color and finish will influence the initial purchase price and resale value so drivers are looking to select a color that will last, maintain its finish with proper care, and attract future buyers. At Galen’s, we only use the best paint products so you can be confident that your choice of color will last. The best colors for resale value are typically neutrals like white, black, silver, charcoal grey but if that’s too subtle for your taste then our color experts will help you find the right shade of Spies Hecker.


  • What color of car paint hides dirt the best?
    • When thinking about color and quality of paint you may ask yourself, what color hides dirt well? Typically, mid-tone neutrals like silver hide dust and grime the best, unlike black or red that drastically reflect dirt particles.


  • What protects my car’s new paint job from damage?
    • Before they leave the line, new cars receive a protective clear coat that provides the gloss and protective layer. This clear coat contributes to the longevity of the paint job and with frequent washes and waxing, your Spies Hecker paint will outlast the car. When you come to Galen’s for a new paint job, we will apply Spies Hecker’s state of the art,  glossy clear coat that dries in minutes so we can get you back on the road.


  • How long will my Spies Hecker paint last?
    • The lifespan of your paint is totally subjective to how you care for your vehicle, your driving conditions, and vehicle storage. All of our paint jobs are guaranteed for varying lengths of time but you can significantly increase the life of your paint job by keeping up with frequent washes and waxing.


How to Preserve Car Paint

Spies Hecker – A Colorful Legacy of Automotive Excellence

Spies Hecker Preserves Paint


Spies Hecker is one of the largest suppliers of automotive refinishing products and began developing paints in 1882. From the beginning, Spies Hecker’s reputation was built on quality, German technology and a constant drive for innovation and promoting a close relationship with its partners.

In the 1960’s we saw an increase in the growing number of cars on the roads which inevitably lead to more accidents and the need for paint jobs. The Spies Hecker vehicle refinishing team and paint experts knew that they needed to create a paint that met this demand while elevating the efficiency of their products.


Their chemists developed 80-degree paints and birthed two-component (2-K) technology, a revolutionary acrylic-based automotive paint. By the 1970’s, the number of OEM colors had grown to 2,500 and warranted the establishment of the Spies Hecker coloristic department and color measurement. Spies Hecker paints became a global sensation and they continue to make waves in color and anti-corrosive paint technology.


As time went on Spies Hecker increased their environmental sensitivity and in the fall of 1994, they debuted their PERMAHYD Waterborne Base Coat Series. This product was a major milestone for the industry because Spies Hecker reduced the need for solvents that can hurt our environment while simultaneously increasing their range of colors. As always, Spies Hecker keeps the vehicle top of mind and is now relying on nanotechnology to carry their eco-friendly paints further into the future.

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