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Nothing is more frustrating than coming out of the grocery store and seeing a paint chip, or color transfer caused by a loose cart or a neighboring car. The good news is that with just a little touch-up paint, your vehicle will look like the incident never happened.

With jobs starting at only $75, our experienced team is well versed in resolving a variety of paint issues, from your biggest touch-up projects to the smallest cosmetic scars that find vehicles.

Signs You’re Due for a Touch Up Paint Job

Wondering whether your car needs a paint touch-up? Here are some indicators it might be time to bring your car into our shop!

  • Your Car’s Clear Coating Has Peeled
    • Car’s are covered in a clear gloss that helps protect the paint from weather elements, as well as corrosive road salt and bird excrement. To test if your car’s clear coat is failing or gone, take a rag and rub it across different body areas on the car. If the color of the car is transferred to the rag, your clear coat may have peeled away.
  • Peeling Paint
    • Blistering of paint will cause you to notice flakes, chips, and discoloring on the body of the car.
  • Fading Paint
    • The sun’s UV rays are responsible for fading car paint. Cars that often sit outside are more likely to see their paint fade. Waxing and washing your car regularly can help retain color longer.
  • Scratches and Dents
    • Most often scratches and dents require paint touch-up to restore the body to the original look. Rusting can occur to scratches and dents if not repaired properly.
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Why Galen’s Auto Body for Paint Touch Ups?

With over a decade of excellence under our belt, we are the Columbia area’s leader in automotive bodywork, including paint touch-up. With thousands of clients served, we are proud to provide our local community members with fast and high-quality care.

Contact us about your paint problem, and we will help restore your vehicle to pristine shape.
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