Paintless Dent Repair


Innovative Paintless Dent Repair in Mid-Missouri

Minor dings or hail damage to your vehicle can happen to anyone. At Galen’s Auto Body, our dent removal process keeps your factory finish intact and undoes any damage done to your vehicle. Using the most advanced tools available, our professionals gently massage dents and dings out to restore the panels to their original shape. Paintless dent repair is an affordable process that ensures the preservation of your vehicle’s value.


What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is an affordable, non-intrusive, and quick form of dent repair that doesn’t affect the factory’s paint job. Only highly trained mechanics can handle this type of service. This type of dent repair process is designed for small to medium repair needs. Using state-of-the-art technologies, experts get under the vehicle’s “skin” and gently pop dented panels back into position―all without scratching the vehicle or compromising its paint job.

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When receiving a paintless dent repair service from Galen’s, you can expect:


  • A careful analysis of your car’s exterior
  • An assessment of the size, severity, and location of the dent(s)
  • The seamless repair of any bumps, dents, or dings on your car
  • A quality-assured dent restoration of you car’s exterior


Paintless dent repair is the insurance-recommended form of repair for the following types of dent damage due to the fact that today’s vehicles are finished with a much more flexible paint.


  • Hail damage
  • Minor dents and dings
  • Door dings
  • Basketball sized dents


Working with Galen’s Auto Body, you can rest assured knowing that you vehicle is receiving the attention to detail and care that will restore it to its original finish. To learn more about paintless dent repair or to schedule a service appointment, contact Galen’s Auto Body today!

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